Apptechhub is delighted to introduce an Accounting Application that gives the option to manage Accounts, Sales, Profit and Loss, Expenses. The app helps customersmgenerate Purchase Orders and Buyers can generate Invoices. The Admin can manage the reports and Buyers and Customers additions through the app.




Months of
ongoing project

Expertise Delivered

  • UI / UX
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • iOS Native


The Challenge

  • The concept was to develop an app where all the Accounting requirements can be met at one point but there was no reference to finalize the entire scope.
  • To achieve the entire scope of work it required extensive research and discussion.
  • All the information about the modules were scattered and we had to bring them at one point source.
  • We had to bring in the process that was in place on the field to the app which was complex and time consuming.

Our Solution

  • A comprehensive UI/UX design to determine the flow of the app
  • Providing separate Logins that can be managed by Admin
  • Report generation made it easy to see what details are furnished for each feature.
  • A separate section to search Buyer and Customer were provided so that searching becomes easy during the time to form entries and generation.

The Result


Key Features

Seperate Login

Separate Logins helped in determining who is logged in and what reports were generated from each login.

Admin Managed

The app is Admin managed overall. One can generate reports based on the selection made in the app by name, email address or file name.

Easy Search

Each search function is very detailed and one can search Buyer and Customer inside the forms. One can also search reports based on name, email address, file names to display the results.

Easy UI/UX

The design is easy to understand and move from one module to another. The menu gives the idea to the user which module to choose, if one wants only to generate Invoice, can do so or can use all the modules together in single login.

Report Download

The reports that are generated after files are saved can be easily shared, downloaded and printed.

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