Apptechhub developed this Lawyer Marketplace that gives the user the option to choose his lawyer as per Case cause. The user can choose the best lawyer in the town and share select lawyers based on experience, feedback, ratings and hourly rate. Once the selection is done, both parties can connect on a call to discuss the case. This brings lawyers and users on the same platform together.




Months of
ongoing project

Expertise Delivered

  • UI / UX
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Stripe Gateway


The Challenge

  • The UI flow had to be discussed with client every time as it his first time
  • As the Payment gateway was in another country, hosting the website live was a trouble.
  • . There was no reference of the work flow so the marketplace was a concept based work.

Our Solution

  • We provided an easy User Interface so that users can understand the complete work flow of the website
  • Payment Gateway Integration was successful by discussing the same with their Support team.
  • Easy Admin panel development made the backend management simple.

The Result

Key Features

Quick Registration

Easy and quick Registration The Registration is easy and simple for the users so that there is no wait period for them and they can quickly post their case(s)

Pool of Layers

Pool of Lawyers All the registered Lawyers can login and check out the posts from Users. They can show their interest and place their bids which can be turned on or down by the users based upon their profiles.

Search by Area

Search by Area Users can search their lawyers based on the area selection. They do not need be physically present before each other.

Search by Keyword

Search by Keyword Users can search their lawyers by name or profession. It makes the search easier as sometimes one may not remember any lawyer, by keyword searching it becomes easier.

Simplified checkout and payment

Easy Payment System Once the lawyer gets selected by the user for his case, the user can pay the lawyer online and with the confirmation of the receipt, the lawyer can take up the case and call to reach the user for consultation.

Secure payment process

Secure payment processPayment is done through SSL certified website which makes the payment transfer reliable and secure.

Technology stack
that we used in this project


Core PHP




Go Daddy



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