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Augmented reality is a technology which helps customers get an enhanced version of the real world using various strategies and technologies. It encompasses various sensory elements. Visual, sound, sensory, everything is taken into account. More and more companies and businesses that are involved with business applications, or mobile computing etc. are making use of this technology to improve their customer’s experience.
The first and foremost aim of augmented reality is to enhance the customer’s experience. Another very crucial purpose of augmented reality is data collection. Data collection has become an essential part of businesses to analyze the trends and data and work in the direction of positive growth.
3D designing is the process by which computer softwares are able to create an object which occupies 3 dimensional space. The field of 3D designing is constantly growing to the point where one can create CGI objects which are realistic and stand upto the standards and expectations set by the designer. It gives a 360 degree view of the product and hence the user can understand how it looks.
3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D representation of a physical object using 3D modelling software. The 3D model gives an exact ratio of the object’s dimensions and shape along with its size. These services are of relevance in a lot of fields.
3D modelling technology is becoming more and more prevalent with time. It is used in a variety of sectors such as academic research, giving virtual tours, engineering, architecture, video games, special effects, movies etc.
AR apps gives you the option to look at the product virtually before you buy it or experience it in real time. This gives you an idea how the product will look like after you bought it though in reality its not infront of you. Augmented Reality apps can be used in Retail, Pharma, Recycle Industries, Flight Simulations, Products display, Travel and Tourism

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